Starting the Journey

I started out in the music and audio production industry, running a recording studio in Stockholm, Sweden for several years. At the time, I had no intention of doing anything else than recording, mixing and producing music and audio content for whomever wanted my services.

I soon became painfully aware that customers were not just gonna show up from the street and that I had to start creating some sort of online presence (I did have a somewhat mediocre homepage at the time but not much else going on).

I joined various Facebook groups for freelancers and it got my some of my first paid jobs from customers I had no previous relationship with. One day I was in the studio working and realized I had come up with an interesting technique that I’d never seen or heard of anywhere. I had spent hours daily reading about audio production for years and years, and if this technique felt new and exciting for me maybe someone else would get a kick out of it too?

At this point I added a blog section to the studio’s website and started writing articles about things that I came up with that excited me. I knew nothing about getting traffic to my site so it was a quiet and lonely place to say the least. I gave up the blog after a month or two and tried my luck on social media. Instagram didn’t seem to work out any better than the blog for me but a few weeks into writing daily posts on Twitter something started to shift. I had stumbled into the perfect format for my message; very short inspirational tips that made a lot of people think about an old concept in a completely (or at least slightly) new way. I also realized the massive potential in providing useful information to people instead of just talking about yourself.

Over time word got around I started gaining followers more quickly and the offers started coming in. People started paying me for writing about my biggest passion. I wrote for some of the best known blogs for music producers (e.g. The Pro Audio Files) and after some time I had generated enough interest to justify writing a whole book on the subject. I was getting more energy than I’ve ever had before just from the momentum in my life and the book came together in about three or four months (and then I spent more than twice as much time getting the design and distribution together; this part I didn’t enjoy as much, I must admit).

The book was well received and it sold pretty well at first due to the work I’ve done getting a lot of followers that engaged with my content and got to know and trust me over time. But I still didn’t know what it takes to create a sustainable business and I admittingly started slacking off a bit as the sales kept coming. After a few months it dried out and reality came back to hit me on the head. This was when the next journey began. Then one I’m still on and will be sharing with you. I’m here to share knowledge and help you skip some of the mistakes I made along the way. Looking forward to interacting with you!

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