Don’t Get Too Comfortable!

In the classic and brilliant book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, there are three things stated as a necessity for you to reach your goals. The concepts he’s talking about are definiteness of purpose, persistance and a burning desire. I think there’s a great power hiding in that formula and it’s definitely worth spending some time diving into it. Let’s go through the different parts.

First we need to decide what it is we really want. This sounds like a given, but it’s something that a lot of people struggle with (me included). To have a clear idea of what you want and why you want it is so important if you want to keep your motivation over time and actually achieve real results. Persistance, I would, say is very much related to both purpose and desire so I won’t go into that more specifically right now. This brings us to the headliner of this particular show: desire.

Desire is really the fuel that keeps you going inch by inch towards your goals and dreams. Keeping that flame alive requires som work for most of us but is oh-so important. One way to keep your desire burning is reminding yourself daily of your purpose, your goal and your “why”. The other thing I want to talk about is something that is not so often discussed. It’s about staying away from getting too comfortable where your are.

Let’s look at another word for desire: hunger. What gets you really hungry? Essentially, not eating for a while, right? Well, it’s the same with all kinds of desire (don’t confuse desire with addiction, which is a different matter altogether). When we occupy ourselves with instant gratification, our need for real growth and fulfillment diminishes. I’m sure you’ve experienced getting sidetracked at times because your big goals and the work they demand suddenly don’t seem as relevant when you’re busy eating icecream and watching Netflix, or playing computer games etc.

Let’s stick to the hunger analogy and call this behavior “snacking”. If you want to develop a strong appetite for the main course you have to keep snacking to a minimum. So, allow yourself to be bored every now and then and don’t go for instant gratification every time. Watch what happens. I bet your desire to reach your goals will grow and your motivation and persistance will become stronger almost automatically. When the here and now don’t fulfill us, we’re motivated to move forward. Dissatisfaction creates movement. Embrace it.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Get Too Comfortable!”

  1. Purpose and Persistence go hand in hand. We have to decide what we want but cannot waste too much time making that decision (I know plenty of people who have done that) We can always morph that purpose as we go along being persistent.
    When it comes to a burning desire, you have explained it so well. Thank you,

    1. I definitely hear what you’re saying. Persistence is probably the most important part of success. I’ve been guilty of spending too much time on a decision and losing momentum and opportunity many times in the past. It’s still my biggest challenge, making quick decisions and sticking to my guns.
      Thank you for your perspective!

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