Communication – Making it Simple!

What is marketing really? I’d say it’s about communicating effectively with the people you want to reach. So, how do we know when we are communicating effectively? Well, if marketing equals communication then we should be able to apply our knowledge of communication in other areas of life, right?

Even if you’re fairly new to marketing I’m sure you’ve got plenty of experience when it comes to trying to make other people see your point of view in a certain situation. Think about the times you tried to communicate something to a parent, partner, child, boss or colleague. Was it not pretty damn obvious whether your communication was effective or not? If you want your partner to do more of a certain household chore, or you want your boss to give you an extra couple of days off you can use various strategies in your communication.

There is a large number of specific thechniques that can be used to convince a person more easily (we’ll get into that further down the line) but let’s keep it simple for now. In the two scenarios mentioned you could either go down the emotional route where you feel like you’re doing more than your share of the household work or in the case with your boss you feel like you always give a 110% at work and should be rewarded for the extra effort. Depending on the recipient this may or may not be the way to go.

Another way to go could be presenting some hard facts, aka statistics, where you’ve gathered data to prove your point. A third way could be to put the focus directly on the other person and present how meeting your request would benefit them greatly (you’d have more energy and capacity to be creative, or in the case of a relationship you’d bring more positive energy and would feel inspired to be more loving, etc.). Think about any scenario or person and decide what sort of approach would be the most likely to create a good result.

When we do this face to face with someone we often get instant feedback on the effectiveness of our communication. We can then decide to go with a different strategy, either in the same conversation or at a later time.

So let’s go back to the initial claim that marketing and communication are essentially the same. When you’re writing content for an email campaign or a Facebook ad you are still communicating with each and every potential customer. In these cases the effectiveness of your communication will not be evident for each specific person; rather you’ll have to rely on statistics and adjust your communication stategy according to overall behavior of your target customers. It helps greatly to picture your ideal customer as one specific person instead of a sea of anonymous people.

Remember to keep the simplicity in your thinking to not lose focus or get overwhelmed; whether it’s one person in front of you or a statistic of 1000 people’s behavior online it’s the same principle. Does your way of communicating reach the intended result?

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